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Why Are You Still Here?

Alright, If I Have To Share Something....

By telling a story, we discover who we are and what we value.  And, this concept can have significant effects on our workplaces, classrooms, and our lives.  One of the core topics that this site explores is Accessible Device Filmmaking, or using unlikely devices to tell stories.  The fact is, we live in a time where storytelling through film has been democratized by technology that we now all have access to.  In addition, this site looks at the structure of a story in an attempt to understand how that structure functions in our lives.  Filmmaking is storytelling.  Storytelling is powerful, liberating, and transformative. 

Don'tAskHere is site that encourages the use of technology to reimagine the way that people learn.  It is a forum to encourage students to take ownership of how they are learning.  It is also a place to turn when you have an idea, but you are not necessarily sure how to achieve the goal.



In a generation where people are glued to mobile devices, it is time to challenge how the way those devices are used to see the world. 

Whether you are an actor or director looking to create art on a next to nothing budget, a teacher who wants to revolutionize his or her classroom, or a student who wants to explore the dynamic world of film, there is more possible in this moment than any other moment in history.  In fact, we live in a time where the art of film has been democratized, and we all now have the potential to be the next great writer, director, project manager, and/or actor. 



Anthony Stirpe is an award-winning teacher who has been working in public schools for almost two decades.  Although he spent much of his career teaching English Language Arts, he began to distinguish himself for his unique perspective on film and media literacy, and he is now a full-time theatre and film teacher in a large urban/suburban high school just outside of New York City.  At New Rochelle High School in Westchester, New York, his classes are still offered through the English department, where fuses technology with theatre and film to challenge the way that students learn ELA.  This past year, Anthony was proud to be named an Apple Distinguished Educator.  Anthony was named New York State English Educator of Excellence in 2012 and in 2016 his innovative film program was awarded the New York State English Program of Excellence.  In 2015 he received a Pioneer Teacher of the year award for his innovative use of technology in the classroom.  In addition, Anthony received one of the highest honors at the 2016 International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Conference, taking home a Content and Curriculum award, co-sponsored by The Center for Digital Education.  Anthony holds undergraduate degrees in both Technical Writing and Spanish, and he received a Masters from Emerson College, where he had the opportunity to study both theatre and film.  Anthony has worked on a number of theatre and film projects, his longest tenure served at Blue Man Group Boston where he worked on the theatre management side (No... he was never painted Blue).